Thursday, July 12, 2012


I just had the best experience at the Vancouver Art Gallery, checking out some Matisse, learning about the Cone Sisters of Balitmore, and the highlight... Yang FuDong's "Fifth Night" I recommend this short experimental film piece to any film lover. It completely blew my mind!! 7 screens side my side, depicting the same scene from the point view of different characters. Every composition was brilliant, but the most brilliant part was the fact that the narrative itself is given to the viewer to compose. The way I saw it, Every screen was competing for attention, every screen was beautiful, every screen featured a story, but ultimately the editing was completely up to you. Brilliant!

In a pitch black room...I was desperate to remember this particular experience, so here's my masterful page of drawings (my attempt to document the beautiful visuals)....sooo the film+my review just lost credibility with these drawings :S 

Yang FuDong's "Fifth Night"
If your in Vancouver Check it out, if not check out where it's going next. Google a screen cap if my scribbles ruined if for you, but don't you dare rob yourself of an experience by watching a cam rip video of this on you tube or something like that. 


More sketching around "out and about" Vancouver

More sketching around in and out of Vancouver