Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Possibly the most eye opening week of my life. I spent a week teaching at a native reserve up in Quatsino, and where's that... Here. I would have never have guess that I would learn so much in complete tranquility. But I guess you do get a chance to reflect a lot on the life you live when you get a chance to live in a place that is so far different that what you are used to. It's hard to explain what I learned, but I left Quatsino with a great positive mindset.

 Individuality is one of the greatest thing that you can present in your work, and you know when you're doing something original if you're at least a little bit scared that it might go wrong. Good job if you are brave and going to go with it anyways. 

I didn't get to draw a lot, but here's a few

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't be a fool

I decided to take that granny animation I was working on in a new direction. I was inspired by my roommate as always, who reminds me to "not be fooled by the dialogue". So I had a chance to listen to the dialogue in a different way and take something a little different out of it. 

Here's a stop motion set I made for a commercial at work

and our little Claymation robot.

Be a Kid

So decided to spend my summer in Vancouver and I'm having a blast. I lucked out in finding a place downtown with a good friend and also lucked out in finding a job... because it would be disastrous otherwise :S I got a job teaching Stop-motion animation and occasionally 3D (with blender) to kids at Byte Camp. It's a really fun gig, I personally love it. I love film making and I absolutely love love love seeing these kids be as creative as they are. I learned a heck load from these kids, more then they'll ever know and it's such a refreshing experience.

So yeah, note to all artists or creators of all sorts, learn from kids! be a kid you'll create great stuff from it! Their creativity is so raw, untainted and ultimately courageous. No fear of failure, what good role models. 

So in the spirit of doing what scares you, I went out on a bike ride and decided to paint. No control z which is a tool that for me promotes continuous self-doubt :S but don't get me wrong I'm not a hater of the option to undo... it's just personally not healthy for someone like me. 

PS. Love west coast living, I could get used to this

View from the apartment

 Stanley Park, can't get enough of it

bottom line, Vancouver is killer Beauuutiful!!!