Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Possibly the most eye opening week of my life. I spent a week teaching at a native reserve up in Quatsino, and where's that... Here. I would have never have guess that I would learn so much in complete tranquility. But I guess you do get a chance to reflect a lot on the life you live when you get a chance to live in a place that is so far different that what you are used to. It's hard to explain what I learned, but I left Quatsino with a great positive mindset.

 Individuality is one of the greatest thing that you can present in your work, and you know when you're doing something original if you're at least a little bit scared that it might go wrong. Good job if you are brave and going to go with it anyways. 

I didn't get to draw a lot, but here's a few

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