Sunday, February 17, 2013

Action Analysis

I had a blast working on this assignment. Mainly because it felt more like a personal project. It was inspired by little experience I had while I was teaching at the Quatsino Native reserve this past summer. When my co-worker and I went to the reserve we were told that 19 kids were supposed to be at our camp, camp started at 9:00, but by 11:00 only 2 kids showed up. We decided to go as planned with our daily schedule and at around noon we went out for a break. My co-worker and I decided to play tag with the kids around the playground and just to make it interesting we pretended to be monsters whenever we got tagged. We made up this little game that was great fun to play and created a lot laughs. These laughs were heard by kids passing by and we invited them to join. Kids continued to join the game, and before we knew it we had around 15 kids playing this game. We asked them if they wanted to join us for the stop-motion camp after break and they did. This changed our day and made our week.


  1. holy cow, that's amazing leanne!!! OvO

  2. Hi Leanne! Luke sent me your blog link to check out! OOOMG I saw this on the tv and it was so fluid and realistic! I really loved it! You're so amazing!! :D

    1. Thanks Jean! Gosh I checked out your blog too, it's looking great! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next year. Looking forward to it :)